About Us

Welcome to Natural Beauty Studios, we can offer you a wide range of beauty and holistic treatments including Susan Molyneux skin care, a professional range based on pure plant extracts and essential oils. This range is free from artificial perfumes, lanolin and formaldehyde. It is non-comedegenic and is not tested on animals.

Our aim is to continually keep step with the latest arrivals in the Beauty Industry and to seek to give a high standard of care, irrespective of whether you are a regular client or a new one.

If you are in doubt as to which treatments are ideal for you, a member of our team will gladly offer a free consultation and absolute confidentiality is assured.

Our History

Natural Beauty Studios offers more than 20 years’ experience in all aspects of Beauty Therapy, ranging from nail care to speciality facials and from remedial massages to maintenance treatments like waxing, tinting and semi-permanent make up. Over the years we have made it our mission to make you look and feel better.

Our Studio

Our Philosophy

Venturing onto the healing path of Holistic Therapies we are firm believers that beauty shines from within and enhances your natural looks.

In recent months we have gained many male clients with the introduction of Susan Molyneux’ Vitru cosmetic range,which has been proven to be a winner not only with our retail products but also when integrated into our fabulous male Vitru Facial for men

We pride ourselves in providing personal and intuative service to a wide range of clients, ranging from the age of 15 – 90’ish!

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