Facial Treatments

Nimue – the new generation of Derma “cosmeceuticals” for outstanding skin care. Having been developed in South Africa to cater for skin in harsh environmental conditions this highly scientific cosmetic range is simple unbeatable in its results! The focus is on providing therapeutic benefits by enhancing the skin’s ability to heal and correct challenging skin conditions thus optimising skin health. The secret lies in the application of biological and synthetic acidic-based products which create a kick-start effect with truly marevellous results. The continuous use of Nimue retail products for your home care is essential. Nimue is proven to induce effective reversal of the following skin problems: pigmentation marks due to sun damage, lines and wrinkles, uneven and coarse complexion, dehydrated and lack lustre skin, highly sensitised skin due to acne rosacea and thinning of the skin surface, oily and imbalanced skin and inflamed acne and subsequent scarring.